>> Sunday, January 17, 2010

It is so difficult to find something to write about during such a tragic time.  I want to post pictures of our new puppy, tell you what I have planned for the week ahead, talk about our visit with my little sister....

But my heart will not allow me to talk of such trivial things when there are people that have suffered such loss and devastation.  Looking at photos of grief-stricken Haiti, I am instantly reminded of the many tragedies that our country has suffered throughout my lifetime.  I just want to jump on a plane and fly to their aid, but what can I do?  I have no medical training.  I am not search and rescue or special forces.  I am only one person.

The truth is, I am only one person.  And so are you.  And together, we make a team.  Find a way that you can help, because every little bit counts.

Our pastor spoke a little on the situation in Haiti this morning.  He felt that he needed to respond to some of the questions he has been asked over the past few days.  He reminded us that God does not cause tragedy, but He is here for us all as we pick up the pieces and move on.  God is amidst the people of Haiti at this very moment.  Lives will be repaired because we have faith in our Creator and He has blessed us with compassion and generosity and we will give with our whole hearts whatever we are able to give to help our fellow man.

God Bless You.

*I would also like to remind everyone that unfortunately during times of great tragedy, scam artists find their most ammo.  Please check this site before you donate!


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